Transfer Agents

With digitization increasing rapidly across all industry verticals and specifically within the capital markets ecosystem, transfer agents are facing mounting pressures to reduce their operational overhead while being forced to compete with digital incumbents that are taking a technology-first approach.

Transfer agents can reduce their costs and compete with technology driven firms by adopting the MetaFinance platform. Blockchain has been making headwinds in the capital markets industry for some time and now, with a plug-and-play solution, companies can easily expand their service offering to include digital assets and securities.


MetaFinance provides transfer agents with an optimized system of recording ownership, managing transfers and issuances, cancelling an issuer’s shares, and generally assisting registered shareholders. 

MetaFinance enables any transfer agent to digitize their entire business for greater efficiency but also allows them to tap into new business opportunities available in the digital asset ecosystem.

Digital Transfer Agency Solution for the 21st Century

The MetaFinance platform combines powerful functionality for you to 10x your efficiency while significantly reducing overhead costs.

With MetaConnect you can tap into different businesses operating in and around the capital markets whereas MetaMarkets allows you to showcase your offering to a broader audience. 

Reduce Operational Cost

Automate Administrative Functions

Collaborate Globally

Streamline Reporting

Leverage an Immutable Audit Trail

Gain Analytical Insight

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