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Digital Security and Alternative Assets

Private capital markets, which overshadow public markets in value and growth, are dogged by inefficient, opaque processes. Now they look set to experience a step change through tokenized assets and digital platforms powered by distributed ledger technology.

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Digital Security and Alternative Assets

Digitize Investments.

MetaFinance is a robust investment issuance and management platform that allows you to create digital representations of your securities on the Blockchain for greater transparency, automated transaction recording, clearing & settlement alongside and real-time analytics.

Securely Collaborate with Stakeholders

Centralize deal documentation while decentralizing transactional data on the Blockchain so you can confidently collaborate with your internal & external stakeholders.

Digital Security and Alternative Assets
Digital Security and Alternative Assets

Streamline client onboarding

MetaFinance provides you with an integrated KYC & AML module that can approve your clients in minutes while providing you with extensive compliance reports securely stored for your review. 

Automate Payments & Security Distribution

MetaFinance’s integrated payments solution that allows you to easily accept payments from clients, regardless of size, purely digitally.

Digital Security and Alternative Assets
Digital Security and Alternative Assets

Leverage Analytics

Discover opportunities for improvement in your operations and deal creation process while having full insight into which investments are attracting investors.

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