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Discover, trade & settle digital securities.

MetaMarkets help you showcase investment offerings that are digitally tradeable.

Digital Security and Alternative Assets

Information technology is at the core of how you do your business and how your business model itself evolves.

Satya Nadella

Why MetaMarkets?

The financial world has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. The internet has played a critical role in its development as information became readily available and accessible to businesses and later individuals.

A side-effect of this phenomenon has been the rise of centralized entities that have built their businesses around the aggregation and distribution of information.

MetaMarkets seeks to transform the centralized nature of financial services for all stakeholders involved in the global ecosystem by allowing investment related businesses to easily list their offerings, regardless of asset type, on a decentralized listing service available for their stakeholders to see.

Digital Security and Alternative Assets

Slash listing costs.

MetaMarkets offers the financial industry an opportunity to drastically reduce the cost of sharing and acquiring financial product related information. Bonds, funds and private placements can all be showcased & found via MetaMarkets listing service which is integrated with a decentralized clearing and settlement infrastructure on the Blockchain.

Trade in a P2P market

MetaMarkets offers an aggregated listing service and an integrated peer-to-peer secondary trading infrastructure serving for digital securities created on MetaFinance.

This serves as a gateway to liquidity for investors without tampering with the capitalization of a project.

For funds & companies seeking capital, this means you can cut out the middleman and go directly to your investors thus reducing the cost significantly while providing a better experience for all.

For Sell Side Entities

Reduce risk and maximize cash flow
List your offerings at minimal cost
Readily share data with permissioned stakeholders
Have real-time insight into your asset’s performance

For Buy Side Entities

Communicate directly with the selling entity directly

Transact directly with listing entities

Discover investment opportunities across asset classes​

Get rid of fees associated with intermediaries

Settle transactions in seconds with digital securities

Vet opportunities easily by inviting your team

Experience MetaFinance now.

Start building your first digital investment offering and publicly list it for the world to see!