Venture Capital Funds and its working principle

Venture Capital

Venture capitalists understand how the world is quickly going digital and are usually early leaders in spotting trends but on the investment management side, the industry has been highly inaccessible for the majority of investors.

In light of regulatory evolution and technological advancements, there is a significant opportunity for venture capital funds to reduce overhead costs, minimize the transaction cycles and open their doors to the general investor. 

With MetaFinance, VC funds can digitize, streamline and automate the entire investment life cycle from investor onboarding to fund distributions while offering investors access to early liquidity options through a peer-to-peer secondary exchange.

Leverage the power of the crowd

Automate capitalization tables

Digitally manage reporting

Streamline investor onboarding

Offer real-time insight

Raise funds and distribute returns digitally

Offer a secondary exchange

Experience the future, today.

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