Infrastructure Projects for Capital markets and Digital Securities

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects are usually only available to institutional investors because of the large amounts of funding required and the time horizon of such investments. 

By digitizing such investment opportunities on the Blockchain, governments can now tap into trillions of dollars in private wealth to fund projects removing their reliance on a few large investors while allowing its citizens to participate directly in the funding of infrastructure.

Combined with IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, investors would have real time information on the asset itself providing greater transparency & price discovery.

Moreover, by offering investors a secondary market to easily trade their securities would allow for liquidity and a robust market for such projects.

The world faces a US$ 15 trillion infrastructure deficit according to the World Economic Forum while governments are under severe financial pressure given recent events. Tokenization of such investment offerings could provide a viable solution while allowing countries to regain control of their infrastructure.

Tap into domestic capital

Automate capitalization tables

Digitally manage reporting

Streamline investor onboarding

Offer real-time insight

Raise funds and distribute returns digitally

Offer a secondary exchange

Experience the future, today.