the benefits of Investing in Green Bonds

Green Bonds

With a growing focus on how we have been impacting the environment, there has been a push towards embracing renewable energy as individuals and institutions alike are diverting resources towards impact-driven projects.

There is an opportunity to offer such green investments to all investor types. MetaFinance can help such projects expand their reach through blockchain technology which would allow for the streamlined sharing of data across stakeholders and significantly lower costs of fund administration. 

With ESG themed investing on the rise, companies have a chance to build a better brand and engage with their customers to ensure shared success in the longer run.

Broaden your base of impact investors

Automate capitalization tables

Digitally manage reporting

Streamline investor onboarding

Offer 'Proof of Impact' To Investors

Raise funds and distribute returns digitally

Offer a secondary exchange

Experience the future, today.

Issue your first digital green bond and distribute to investors directly.