Frequently Asked Questions

Asset tokenization is changing the investment landscape rapidly. Learn what MetaFinance is doing to enable companies to get started quickly & efficiently.  

What can MetaFinance do for me?

MetaFinance allows you to digitize your investment offerings compliantly through distributed and immutable ledger (also known as Blockchain).

  • You can manage the entire life cycle of your clients, old and new, through integrated tools and workflow automation flexibility.
  • Forget about shuffling paper back and forth – have all your documents and communications in one place.
  • Forget spreadsheets – we provide you with an integrated dashboard which helps you stay on top of things without switching applications.
  • Analyze how your investment products are performing through a configurable dashboard.
  • Make data driven decisions by leveraging analytical insight to optimize your investment offerings and find the investors who are looking just for you!
  • Share insights and reports with your team and clients through a shared view without having to individually contact everyone.
  • Collect investments from anywhere in the world with minimal cross border transaction costs.
  • Settle trades autonomously within 5 seconds without the need for manual intervention.
  • Appeal to the average investor by lowering the barriers to entry.
How do I get started?

The MetaVest platform provides value for all stakeholders within the capital markets ecosystem.

From Broker Dealers to Transfer Agents and Private Equity Funds to Green Bond Issuances, MetaVest can help you digitize your investment offerings and save significant amounts in operational expenses. 

You can register directly on our website and reserve your domain and get started in a few minutes.

If you would like a demo, please contact us or email us at

What technology does MetaFinance leverage?

The MetaFinance platform employs Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Web, & Mobile Technologies.

By leveraging the latest in digital technology, we are able to ensure longevity for our users.

Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence have proven themselves to be a need rather than a want (if you don’t believe us, see what Mark Cuban has to say); thus, we enable the capital market ecosystem to easily transition to tomorrow’s digital ecosystem so they can take advantage of what it has to offer with lower costs and opportunities for expansion through automation & digitization.

What is the value proposition for investors?

**MetaFinance is not a broker dealer nor a securities issuer and in no way solicits investments or provides financial advice. 

Our goal is to overcome the barriers for investors so they can access previously inaccessible markets. We aggregate all stakeholders in the market, such as regulated broker dealers and transfer agents, and provide efficiencies on their end so that you can swiftly connect with them and move forward quickly with your investment.

As an investor you have access to investment opportunities from our partners.

Benefits include:  

  • Access to higher yielding investment deals across the globe.
  • Low investment minimums.
  • Various funding options including fiat or digital currency as well as direct transfer from your bank account or digital wallet.
  • Real time and predictive analytics via a dashboard to track your investments’ growth and cumulative returns over time.
  • Access to a personal robo-advisor for customized investment offerings catered to your needs.
  • Opportunities to share investments with your friends and colleagues and investing collectively by forming a shared fund.
How do tokenized assets trade on the secondary market?

The issuer or registered agent on the security has full control over where the tokenized assets go.

They can approve of all purchases and sales, or disapprove of all secondary sales. Regardless, because the tokenized assets are tethered to the blockchain and MetaVest is also tethered to the blockchain, the issuer will always know who is holding their asset at any given point with dynamic cap-tables.

Although a peer-to-peer secondary trading infrastructure is a key characteristic of decentralized applications, investment side stakeholders have full control over whether investors can trade on the secondary market. 

Is it fair to assume there is a Bitcoin tie in since you are using Blockchain?

While this association is common, we are not associated with Bitcoin or any digital currency. Tokenization is quite a bit different in its uses and benefits. 

Many people associate ICOs and digital currencies/coins with fraud and volatility because of the ICO craze several years ago and because the current market for digital currencies is characterized by volatility, but what tokenization provides is ultimately the streamlining of regulated security issuances, management as well as capital raising. 

Security issuance and management are still fully regulated but tokenization offers the benefit of digitally recording the transactions on an immutable digital ledger that is easily auditable. By recording securities (existing or new) on this ledger, most of the manual processes associated with security issuance and management (investor onboarding, compliance, data recording and sharing, cap table management, capital raising, fund distribution, corporate actions, etc.) are not only automated and streamlined but also secure and reliable. 

That being said, there is functionality built into the MetaVest platform to make payments or distributions using digital currencies like Bitcoin. However, this is at the discretion of the issuer, investment manager, and investor.

Are there any prominent companies using blockchain technology?

The Tokenization industry is still very early in its development but both the sell-side and the buy-side of the street are beginning to adopt this technology for both back and front office operations. A few prominent examples are HSBC, State Street, Franklin Templeton, Signature Bank, The World Bank, BBVA, and various other institutions and international governments. 

Large financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley are also looking at Tokenization (in addition to Crypto) and BNY Mellon has already begun to integrate in order to protect its custody business. 

Each of these case studies is slightly different depending on the firm’s specific needs, but they all reap the same benefits and potential opportunities. Moreover, the benefits flow through both front office and back office operations via cap table management, investor onboarding, capital raising, security issuance and distribution, etc.

MetaVest effectively allows you to enter the digital asset age without spending millions of dollars in research and development (like the big banks).

Does Blockchain technology actually offer cost savings and higher profits?

Yes – there is empirical evidence that Blockchain technology and Tokenization offer cost savings and higher profits. 

The cost savings are achieved via automation, which would both directly and indirectly bring down costs for issuers, transfer agents, broker dealers, and various other stakeholders. The direct savings would stem from less reliance on other third parties such as KYC/AML providers and intermediaries. 

The indirect savings would stem from the drastically reduced time that is spent sharing data and communicating with administrators, legal firms, accountants, investors, auditors, regulators, and all the other stakeholders involved in a single transaction. 

Additionally, the arduous and capital intensive task of reconciling information becomes effectively obsolete as everything is done from a single interface and recorded on an immutable shared ledger. 

Overall, savings of up to 90% can be achieved using Blockchain based on HSBC’s report dealing with the issuance of green bonds whereas entoro suggests a minimum saving of 40% for a private placement.

Higher profits will, of course, be a consequence of the lower costs, but by automating workflow firms can direct more attention to revenue generating initiatives such as sourcing new investment opportunities.

Not only that, but for the firms that want their securities to be more accessible and liquid, the MetaVest platform offers a gateway to the retail market and secondary trading.

Still have questions?

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