Capital Markets Infrastructure For The Digital Economy

Create, share and manage investment offerings that keep investors engaged. We take care of administration, compliance and payments while you grow your business with clearer insights and expanded distribution capabilities.

Your Turn Key Platform For

Digitize Your Investment Offerings

Effortlessly Collaborate With Stakeholders

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Grow Your Client Base & Increase Revenue

Remove Friction & Reduce Costs

Automate client onboarding, reporting, & payments so you can scale your business effortlessly. 
Digital Security and Alternative Assets

Grow Your Business & Excite Your Clients

Our intuitive self-serve portal allows you to stand-out from the competition & deliver an exceptional experience to your investors while you have full control over visual branding. 

Leverage Data & Discover Trends

Take the guesswork out of business decisions. Know how your investment offerings are performing and what your clients are looking at. 

Build Trust Through Transparency

Access real-time & verifiable transactional information stored securely on an immutable & encrypted ledger.

Work Better, Together.

Bring all your internal & external stakeholders together on a single platform to efficiently collaborate on investment offerings. 

Don’t have the right resources? Find professionals & companies through MetaConnect.


Broker Dealers

Thrive in the digital economy by scaling your business while delivering exceptional service to your investors.


Private Companies

Digitize your equity & debt units. Automate cap-table management & offer controlled liquidity.


Service Providers

Do you provide legal, accounting or other services to capital markets? Expand your network and showcase your offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

You mentioned Blockchain, are you dealing with Bitcoin?

No. Our platform is built with Blockchain technology which underpins Bitcoin & many other crypto currencies. Blockchain allows for greater trust, security and more efficiencies.

What are digital securities?

Digital securities are the future of private markets. They are easier to own, simpler to manage, and faster to trade. 

Effectively, any traditional security that you are familiar with can (and likely will) be digitized. This means that ownership units are not only represented digitally on your screen but are issued, distributed and tracked on a Blockchain ledger. Transaction occur between A & B without having any intermediary to clear & settle the trade. 

Overall, digital securities allow for:

  • More Efficiency
  • More Security
  • More Control

You can read more here.

My current solution is working fine. Why should I move to MetaFinance?

The capital markets ecosystem is changing rapidly. Our platform allows you to manage your current operations seamlessly while ensuring data security, user privacy and operational efficiency.

Many issuers are choosing to issue digital securities and accept crypto currencies as a means of payment from a wider investor base. Our platform allows you to service this emerging class of issuers while remaining compliant with regulations.

Moreover, our platform is built with the end user in mind and you will be able to provide them with a seamless investing experience. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

I am a Broker Dealer and would like to use MetaFinance. Will you help me port over?

Of course! We want you to succeed. Reach out to us through the live chat option on the bottom right of your page or schedule a call and one our team members will be happy to assist you.

My company is currently seeking financing. Can MetaFinance help?

Yes. Regardless of what business your company is in or what stage it is at, financing is much more nuanced than simply asking somebody for money. If you intend to raise from the public or even from your close group of family or friends, you will most likely be required to report to the regulators and utilize one of the many exemptions available.


You may also require legal support to make sure everything is in order and the help of a broker dealer to distribute your securities. Once you create your account on our platform, you will have access to the various stakeholders required to successfully raise capital whereas our core functionality will enable you to streamline the operational aspects.


Still have questions? Contact us using the live chat option on your bottom right or schedule a call with one of our team members. 

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